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Weconfess that our premise is neither unique or original. Since the lure of lucrative trade first brought the disparate cultures of the West and Southeast Asia together, it has been an unending challenge for each to understand the other. This difficulty was experienced first hand as a Thai MBA student began to master the career lessons of his American tutor. At the same time, Thailand’s strategic opportunity for unappalled economic growth as an economic hub of the new ASEAN economic region has begun to emerge. As American business pivots from aging EU markets to the promises of growth in Asia, we found ourselves becoming more than mentor and student. We became partners. Our mission is simple. We offer to build bridges of trust and understanding between the merchants of America and Thailand, working person to person, one client and one transaction at a time.


The Principals.

Nakarin Promtan comes from Chiang Mai, Thailand, the largest and most culturally significant city in Northern Thailand. Readers of Travel + Leisure ranked it among the top 15 cities in the world in 2016. Nakarin's family resides in a home along the banks of Chiang Mai's Ping River, built by his Grandfather.

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Raymond Goad is from Mount Airy, North Carolina along the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. His father was a fast food pioneer in the 1960's and recognized as the first to serve a breakfast menu. Raymond headed West and found his career in Seattle which America has long considered to be a gateway to Asia.

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Advisors & Facilitators.

We are independent consultants providing you with the benefits of our experience, expertise, of your defined scope of work.


Personal Representatives.

In pre-development situations and in on-going operations outsourcing senior staffing by the job can extend your reach and reduce the cost of permanent employees.



We have extensive experience in acting in contractural fiduciary capacities when nothing less than acting with legal authority is required.


Our Mission & Values.

We seek to build relationships with clients in America and Thailand that require local knowledge, experience and skilled representation.

Flexible arrangements include preliminary reviews, isolated transactions, and extended relationships.

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All contacts are assured to be completely confidential. Request a copy of our non-disclosure, non-circumvention and non-competition agreement as a condition to any discussions when required.