Thailand Hub of ASEAN

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Thailand’s strategic location and advanced development makes it a primary gateway to Asia. It is at the center of most ASEAN countries, including Myanmar on the west, Cambodia and Lao PDR on the east, and Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore on the south.

Being at the crossroads of ASEAN and other dynamic markets in Asia such as China and India, allows Thailand access to a burgeoning consumer population overseas aside from its equally huge population of almost 68 million people.

Thailand is far ahead of its neighbors in offering world class infrastructure. Trade and business transactions are made easier through Thailand’s extensive highway system, modern city-wide mass transit, international airports, deep sea ports, and international river ports. As the hub of ASEAN, Thailand advocates for free and fair trade. It is instrumental in the formulation of the ASEAN Free Trade Area and a signatory to a number of other free trade agreements.

Business operators from the US-ASEAN Business Council recently expressed confidence in Thailand’s potential to become a regional hub for trade and investment. Thai News Agency reports that the visiting USABC business delegates, including those from such US leading firms as Caterpillar, Chevron, eBay, PayPal, FedEx, UPS, Ford, Guardian, Time Warner and Coca-Cola confirmed this conclusion while meeting with the Thai Commerce Minister in Bangkok on July 24, 2016.

Since the ASEAN became active last year, Thailand has been widely discussed as the a primary beneficiary of the pact, with the potential for becoming a hub for the entire regions for trade, transportation, education, medical training and facilities, and even as the financial center of Southeast Asia.

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